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Industrial packaging company Otra Pack gives you a cordial welcome and thanks your for your interest.

Our aim is treating your goods with great care and getting them packaged perfectly.

Packaging industrial goods and products is a specialised business that Otra Pack has been understanding very well for more than thirty years.

Despite our great experience we consider each new order a challenge to prove once more that we are capable of offering the best possible solution to any packaging problem. We realise that the specific skill of packaging only does not meet the customer's needs.

Each of our fellow workers is aware of the fact that besides specific skills, commitment, creativity and flexibility are unconditional criteria to come to a product that will satisfy the customer to a large extent. That is why we advise and produce according to the customer's specific situation in order to get the customer's products finally undamaged and in perfect condition at their destination, wherever that may be, all around the world.

At your request we will visit you to advise you about the best packaging solution in your particular situation: info@otrapack.nl

Your product is in safe hands.


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Rietwaard 28
5236WC 's-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands

Tel: 073-6421148
Fax: 073-6441636

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